Redefining Event Sustainability, ESG for events is here 

Much of the world is moving at an astonishing pace, in terms of environmental expectations and societal views.  

Adding that our sector has had to deal with a lot over the last few years – asides from the pandemic, the introduction of widespread hybrid & virtual events, skills shortages and a resurgence in demand. Factor in the drive for more sustainable products and services, and we’ve all had our hands full.  

event:decision has worked with you on activations, conferences, launches, tournaments, fireworks, expo stands, associations and congresses. Almost every type of event you can imagine, to help you understand your environmental impact and help you to deliver a better product to your customers. In fact, we’ve measured more than 3x more events than others in this space. 

But there’s a problem. 

Until now, much talk of ‘event sustainability’ has focussed on the ‘E’ of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) — the environmental cost of events. 

If you think ESG reporting is none of your business and only relevant to large corporations, think again. The Event Industry Forecast 2022 reported that 97% of event planners believe that Social responsibility will be an integral part of their future events. 

event:decision brings you Impact, a tool that lets you evaluate your ability to engage with Environmental, Social AND Governance factors. On an event-by-event basis. 

This marks a ground-breaking moment for sustainability in our industry. 

Impact will enable event planners to: 

  • Assess your event on Environmental, Social and Governance factors. 
  • Benchmark your event against others industry-wide. 
  • Certify your event & view your results online in dashboard format. 
  • Access specific suppliers with ESG-credentials. 

Why do we need to look wider than emissions reporting? 

Social Responsibility 

The ‘S’ in ESG stands for Social, an aspect often overshadowed by environmental concerns but critical in creating balanced, equitable and responsible events that can benefit a wider demographic. Impact ensures you are evaluating the socially beneficial elements of your events, alongside others. 

Transformation through Impact 

Impact isn’t just a measurement tool; it’s a catalyst for sustainable transformation in the events industry.  

By ensuring event managers are comprehensively aware of all ESG elements and benchmarking your events against others’, Impact propels events towards true sustainability, inclusivity, and ethical governance, setting new industry benchmarks. 

Industry Evolution 

Whether you’re reading this as a brand, an agency, a venue or a supplier, we’ve all faced our challenges. event:decision is proud to have helped a proportion of each to embrace event sustainability and efficiency in emissions reporting so far. 

Our Track tool provides a valuable service, which will become ever more widely adopted as UK & EU legislation drives emissions reporting at an organisational level. 

Now for the next step.  

Impact will help us all do the right thing, not simply the wrong thing a little better.  

event:decision Impact will help you use your events as a force for good. |  

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