RCP London Events forges green partnerships

Central London events venue, RCP London Events, has formed three new collaborations with environmentally conscious partners: Toast, Ellis Wines, and Edmunds. This exciting venture aims to integrate sustainability seamlessly into every aspect of event operations, setting a new standard for responsible event hosting in 2023 and beyond.

Planet-saving beer with Toast: Brewing a sustainable solution

Addressing the urgent issue of food waste and climate change, RCP London Events has joined forces with Toast, an innovative beer supplier. Toast employs a circular economy approach by brewing beer from surplus fresh bread that would otherwise go to waste. 

This initiative significantly reduces waste and environmental impact, utilising around a quarter less malted barley compared to conventional beers. Moreover, Toast repurposes its spent grain as animal feed and composts spent hops to enrich the soil.

As a Certified B Corporation, Toast reinvests all its profits into charities dedicated to fixing the broken food system, ensuring high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Toast also adheres to Equity for Good principles, guaranteeing that investors reinvest net capital gains in environmentally focused businesses. With a commitment to becoming carbon-neutral by 2030, Toast’s brewing process actively mitigates and reduces carbon emissions.

Sustainable wine with Ellis Wines: Cultivating long-standing relationships

RCP London Events has also partnered with Ellis Wines, a carbon-neutral wine supplier, to promote sustainability throughout its operations. Ellis Wines prioritises collaboration with quality-focused, often family-owned winemakers who share their dedication to sustainable practices. Their portfolio includes organic, biodynamic, low-intervention, carbon-neutral, and certified sustainable wines.

Beyond their wine offerings, Ellis Wines actively engages in initiatives that reduce environmental impact and support local communities. From educational support to charity work, they exemplify a holistic approach to sustainability.

Edmunds Cocktails: Planting trees for a greener future

RCP London Events’ eco-conscious cocktail supplier, Edmunds, pledges to plant a tree for every box or 1L bottle sold. With a track record of 100,000 trees planted in regions worldwide, including Egypt, Mexico, Honduras, Brazil, India, and beyond, Edmunds actively contributes to critical climate projects. Their commitment extends to preserving rainforests and promoting wind and solar power initiatives to combat climate change.

As a local, independent supplier, Edmunds prioritises high-quality, locally sourced ingredients and maintains an innovative approach, from fully recyclable packaging to fostering a carbon-positive workforce.

A Collaboration for positive change

RCP London Events’ General Manager, James Fisher, says: “Our collaboration with these sustainable suppliers goes beyond our product offerings at RCP London Events. It positions our venue to make a significant impact in addressing food waste, reducing our carbon footprint, and extending vital support to communities in need.

“We are steadfast in our pursuit of minimising our environmental impact and continuously seek innovative solutions. Sustainability is an integral part of our daily operations, encompassing every facet of our business, from catering to waste management and energy conservation.”

*Our Sustainable Drinks Upgrade is a unique package including sustainable, vegan wines and Toast’s planet-saving beers, accompanied by a range of green soft drinks and eco-friendly nibbles.