JMA Events’ player delivers on-demand ETL and ESL content

London-based developer of web applications JMA Event Services is providing the on-demand player for sessions recorded at the 10th edition of Event Tech Live (ETL) and the concurrent first Event Sustainability Live (ESL), which ran at ExCeL in November.

As a refresher or a first watch, the opportunity to see the truly extraordinary levels of information, from across the total six stages at ETL and ESL 2024, after the events, has long been an invaluable bonus to organiser EIN’s expo model. And JMA Event Services lifts the process to another level.

Adam Parry, co-founder of the EIN portfolio, comments: “Being able to access Event Tech Live sessions post-show was one of our early ambitions. We wanted a hybrid bridge for the brand and, at the same time, an accessible means to archive the footage – to make it available on-demand. It’s a formula we have looked to push on, to develop, over the years and JMA Events’ expertise is another big step.”

Joel Armsden, director, JMA Event Services, says: “Partnering with Event Tech Live and Event Sustainability Live represents an exciting development for our business. Where, historically, we’ve worked with event production companies, we can now tailor bespoke web services for an event organiser directly – be that an on-demand event player, exhibitor portal or digital signage solution.

“The company ethos is that no two events are identical, so we build bespoke, cost-efficient and sustainable solutions rather than trying to fit a single ‘off-the-shelf’ product.”

Content from Event Tech Live is available to watch HERE and Event Sustainability Live HERE.

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