Impact, a revolutionary new ESG tool for planners, from event:decision

event:decision, the #1 global partner for event sustainability, has released a new tool for event planners, Impact.

Impact assesses, benchmarks and certifies events in a wide-range of environmental, social and governance factors.

Impact allows planners to submit responses relating to environmental, social and governance (ESG) elements of specific events. This data is assessed, benchmarked and certification issued to confirm assessment.

Planners can then understand how successfully they are addressing each element of ESG, against the rest of the industry, on an event-by-event basis.

“Impact was born of a direct result of corporate, agency and venue planners asking us ‘Where can we start?’ and “What should we be doing?’ With event sustainability still being a relatively new concept, it makes sense to support planners across the whole range of ESG factors, not only carbon footprints, important though they are” says Matt Grey, Director at event:decision.

“For the first time, event professionals can start to put some numbers and comparisons against their wider sustainability efforts. Not only can you ensure that you are considering the full range of factors within ESG on each and every event, but we’ll show you how you compare on each against the running industry average.

“We’re also very proud to be partnering with a range of sustainability-focused partners, to whom you can be referred if you need support with any individual elements within the assessment. We don’t ask for any commission or referral fees from our partners, so we can honestly say that sustainability advice is being delivered in a truly collaborative manner.

“As an industry, we’re good at delivering great events. Now we can see if we’re great at delivering events that do good. event:decision will be publishing insights on a quarterly basis, so that planners can see the progress that is being made across sectors, globally.”

Impact is already in use with multiple clients and events in the UK, Europe and the US. Sitting alongside event:decision’s Track service that reports on more events than any other, Impact now gives planners the opportunity to look at sustainability with a wider lens.