A Greener Future’s Industry leading training for events and festivals returns to live

Hosted by Edinburgh Napier University, the industry leading AGF environmental assessor training returns to the classroom on 21st and 22nd September 2023.

This will be the first time AGF has been able to run in class training since 2019 and as the global events industry seeks to become sustainable, with government bodies such as DCMS in the UK calling for environmental standards for festivals, there has never been such demand.

With 15 years of experience in assessing events and festivals worldwide, AGF are the founders of the world’s first green standards and certification for festivals and events. The AGF training focuses on the key operational issues that impact the environment and is designed to equip students with all the skills and knowledge of the environmental operations and sustainability at events. The course also enables those who pass to undertake and carry out environmental assessments for a wide range of different events and venues worldwide on behalf of AGF.

Events, festivals and venues look to AGF to provide trained assessors that are able to assess their activities and offer recommendations on how they can make their events greener.

Students will learn and understand the key operational issues of events which create an environmental and social impact as well as issues to do with communication and behaviour change legislation and self regulation.  The training is designed to develop knowledge and skills needed to undertake environmental assessments. 

The course which is Stage 1 of AGF’s assessor training provides the opportunity to move onto Stage 2 to focus on the practical application of the knowledge and skills to become a trained  A Greener Future assessor, able to undertake environmental assessment of events, festivals and venues worldwide on their behalf.

AGF’s worldwide community of trained environmental assessors support AGF’s renowned Certification program including Greener Festival, Greener Event, Greener Venue and Greener Arena certifications.

Successful completion of the two day course is valid for a period of three years, after which students will need to renew their training.

The training is also relevant for those who want to work in event sustainability or improve understanding, including event organisers, local authorities, suppliers, academics and researchers as well as those who are passionate about developing their skills in event sustainability.  

“It can be daunting for event organisers to know where to start with sustainability, so as an AGF assessor it’s a pleasure to be able to support events to better understand their impacts and how to make improvements. I would really recommend the assessor training for the solid foundation of knowledge it provides across all areas of live events. Becoming an assessor then gives you the chance to apply this learning on the ground, and from small community events to large multi-day music festivals, every assessment I’ve been involved with has offered so much valuable learning and the opportunity to connect with brilliant people at different stages of their sustainability journey”. Hannah Hartley, Environmental Action Manager Manchester Museum

For more info on AGFs in class and online courses, and to apply, visit AGFs website: https://www.agreenerfuture.com/training/training-tz9zd