26,500 trees being planted as guests opt out of having their rooms cleaned

So far, 26,500 eco-conscious guests staying more than one night at Wyboston Lakes Resort have chosen to have a tree planted on the resort instead of having their room cleaned since the resort’s energy saving Room2Grow sustainability initiative was launched a year ago.

Steve Jones, managing director of Wyboston Lakes Resort says; “The response has been phenomenal, many times greater than we expected. It’s marvellous that guests have been so willing to make this choice and take the chance to help us with our commitment to our philosophy of ‘More Sustainable, No Apology.”

Room2Grow has already been widely acclaimed both in the UK and overseas, helping the resort to win three important awards since it was launched; the mialist Sustainability Award, IACC Americas Innovation Award 2023 for Sustainability Initiatives and recently the Conference & Events Awards 2023 Sustainability Award.


As the whole Wyboston Lakes Resort team are planting the trees on the 380-acre site, they are now using compost that is being produced on the site as a product of the Resort’s latest sustainability investment.

As part of a commitment to ensure that no food waste leaves the site, a new biodigester has been acquired and installed, turning food waste into fresh compost for use across the site including for tree planting.

The resort’s commitment to sustainability has been independently accredited by earning gold awards from the Green Tourism Awards and the IACC, and EcoSmart Platinum Venue Award from Greengage Solutions.

In September Wyboston Lakes Resort published a 4-year Green Energy Roadmap as the foundation for its plan to become self-sufficient by producing its own green energy using the natural resources available at the Resort, which will help to achieve its Net Zero Carbon Emissions target.  All electric energy on-site now comes from renewable resources, reducing the resort’s carbon footprint by 65 percent.

The resort has been zero-to-landfill since 2015 and is currently eradicating fossil fuels from the site andensuring that zero food waste goes off-site.